The program of the ninth edition of the festival consists of 20 cultural and educational projects, thematically connected by the main idea – contemporary creativity of young people based on folklore and national traditions of many countries and ethnic groups in the world.

This year’s edition of the festival is to inspire young people to create works based on the cultural heritage of Poland. The folklore of Łódź and the cultural richness of folklore regions of Lodz Voivodship will be the leading themes of artistic inspirations prepared by young people from different cultures of the world during innovative festival events.

“FOLK IN A LODZ WAY!” – a series of cultural and educational events during which young people from many countries around the world will learn about Polish traditions and national cultural heritage by participating in innovative program activities. The local community, citizens of Lodz and Lodz region co-participating in the implementation of festival events will be included in these activities.

There will be the following events:

Quest “City of tradition” – tasks with narration as a form of visiting places connected thematically with urban folklore based on the textile traditions of Lodz. Multimedia installation “Rhythms. Sounds. Traditions “- an interactive presentation of different regions of Lodz using lights, lasers, film images, sound and spatial construction.

Theatre performances “Folk stories and legends ” – presentations of youth street theatres and other theatre groups, according to scereenplays prepared on the basis of Polish legends and folk tales.

Culinary workshops “From zalewajka to bigos” – learning how to prepare and cook traditional Polish dishes by foreign festival participants along with their presentation during an international feast.

Folk parade “Colorful carts are coming!” – a traditional festival parade through Piotrkowska street of festival participants who will be sitting on carts inspired by folk costumes from different regions of Poland with the participation of youth – representatives of different cultures in costumes from different regions of the world.

“In a park and folk way” picnic - a concert and fair of traditions of different nations of the world in the form of handicraft workshops in a selected space of Lodz park. Animations, games and activities for children based thematically on folklore.

Folk event “Let’s play in Lodz region” – a concert and street presentations in Skierniewice – (Lodz region)- presenting the repertoire of local artistic groups cultivating traditions and folklore. Presentations of foreign groups – festival participants. Animations promoting the cultural heritage of Lodz region, floral workshops for children and parents. A parade of local groups of artists and festival participants with the participation of residents.

Fashion shows “Ethno fashion” – fashion presentations of young designers creating on the basis of traditional, ethnic and characteristic patterns of different nations. Presentation of a collection of artistic jewellery and hats inspired by folklore.

Gala concert “At Prząśniczka’s” – a concert based on a motif of the song “Prząśniczka”, and fragments of dances from the operas “Halka” and “The Haunted Manor” (Straszny dwór) by Stanisław Moniuszko performed by folk groups from Lodz with the participation of singers and choreographic groups from many countries of the world – winners of the “2019 Golden Boat” competition.